Cryptocurrency Keeps Rising Its Value

Cryptocurrency is stepping hard into the worldwide economy as its price keeps growing intensively. Bitcoin has tripled its value since December 2019. It was groundbreaking news when Bitcoin spiked, last November, to its highest price since 2017 reaching a record breaking €15,019. But after a week of cryptocurrency mania, its price plunged. Massive media explained […]

Cryptocurrency surge 800% in 24 hours!

The rise in Dogecoin (DOGE) came on the back of chaotic risky trading by retail investors after the cryptocurrency got noticed from a lot of users on the Reddit message board. In 2013 DOGE was formed as a joke to the world’s first-born cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, rose over seven times in a period of 24 hours […]

Cryptocurrency In India: What Can We Expect In The Future?

Cryptocurrency still remains beyond any regulation in the country; however, government authorities have started promoting transparency regarding crypto transactions Indian investors are waiting in anticipation for the official verdict on cryptocurrency exchanges in the country. Even though El Salvador has embraced the digital revolution in currency, India is still mulling over the issue. Last week, […]

Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Dogecoin Witness Minor Slumps

Cryptocurrency has risen and Bitcoin specially has improved in terms of exchange value this week, despite the recent marginal slip. Bitcoin price in India dropped marginally by 0.15 percent on Friday, September 24, a day after witnessing a hike. The world’s largest valued cryptocurrency is currently trading at $47,243.04 (roughly Rs. 34,84,000). Despite today’s marginal […]

Cryptocurrency prices today: Bitcoin rebounds amid volatility, Ether falls

Cryptocurrency prices remained mixed on Friday as volatility impacted valuations over the past 24 hours. Experts believe that Bitcoin’s rebound could provide a boost to the virtual coin market over the next few days. Check the latest cryptocurrency trends and prices. Cryptocurrency prices were mixed on Friday as volatility impacted gains over the past 24 […]

RBI ex-Guv Subbarao explains why RBI is anxious about cryptocurrency

MUMBAI: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has stated multiple times that it has “serious” and “major” concerns about cryptocurrencies without ever explaining what those concerns could be. The central bank’s aversion to virtual currencies is seen as one of the primary motivations behind the government’s bill to ban all private cryptocurrencies. The crypto industry […]