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ICO NameMapMetrics
Start DateJune 01, 2022
End DateJune 07, 2022
3 Months ago

What Is MapMetrics (MMaps)?

MapMetrics is a crypto navigation app designed to improve users' navigation experience by showing them the most convenient way from A to B. The online community updates live road conditions faster than any other company could while getting rewarded for optimizing the platform. You make the platform, you get the rewards. It’s built by the community for the community.

What Makes MapMetrics Unique?

MapMetrics is the world's first community-driven navigation app that allows users to get rewarded for their data. By sharing their location with the network, and updating live road conditions, users are able to earn crypto and NTFs while navigating on the app.

The unique advertising feature within the app allows users to collect coupons and NTFs while driving around. Earnings will be sent directly to the users' wallets. Advertisers can only buy this advertising space by purchasing MMaps that will increase the value of the tokens earned by the community.

Users will be able to use their NFTs as avatars on the road for other community members to see. This allows them to be unique on the road, and even trade NFTs with other users, creating a gamified navigation experience.

MMaps is the native utility token that is used for:

* Rewarding users for sharing their data.
* Allowing third parties to buy data sets or advertising space.

MapMetrics tools include:

* Free navigation app to collect coins, tokens, and NFTs.
* Special Position Tracker (SPT), hardware to increase earnings and data accuracy.

How Many MMaps Tokens Are There in Circulation?

MapMetrics tokens launched on October 2021, there is a maximum supply of 64 billion MMaps. 84% goes to validators, 1% will be used for the ICO, 5% for marketing, and 10% goes to the MapMetrics treasury.

Welcome to all new members of the #mapmetrics #web3 community! We're growing fast! Here's a post explaining how to set up your @solflare_wallet. https://zcu.io/CUHp

We'd love to hear from all of #Mapsters! Say Hello in the comments & let us know where you're located.

GM #mapsters! Let's see some pics of those SPTs! Be sure and tag @mapmetrics and #mapmetrics & let us know your city/country. Here's a post explaining a bit about the setup and use of your #web3 #crypto #navigation device.

GM! And Happy Tuesday! Did you know Tuesday is the most productive day of the week? One of our community members shared these pics in our Discord of his SPTs. His fleet of vehicles will be productive mining #crypto! $MMAPS #web3 #navigation Join us here https://discord.gg/nRpEUJCmfe


Our most recent #mapmetrics AMA with the latest updates has been uploaded to our Discord Server. If you missed it live, log in and you can watch it anytime. This was our 8th installment and all of the previous AMAs are also there. #web3 #navigation

GM #mapsters! Yesterday in our discord we received our first confirmation from a community member that they have received their SPT! We're on our way! If you haven't already, join our Discord for the latest updates. https://discord.gg/nRpEUJCmfe #web3 #navigation

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ICO Ended
ICO NameMapMetrics
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End DateJune 20, 2022

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End DateJune 30, 2022

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End DateAugust 20, 2022